Member reviews

"Doing a great job"

Danny - 

"Get out and enjoy these amazing adventures. The flying trapeze class is an incredible experience and the Segway tour was a blast! Don't miss out!!"

Mari - 

"It was my first event, I will be attending more. Everyone is very friendly 


"Wow lots of events to choose from and great oppotunity to meet others."

Jean - 

"Very impressed with Adrian's event-planning skills. I will be looking for more of his meetups to attend."

Melissa - 

"Fun group of people... "

Annie - 

"they have lots and lots of activities"

Leonard - 

"great way to meet new people "

Peggy - 

"I think is a great initiative.... "

AJ - 

"Great group"

Sarah - 

"Five stars!"

MJ - 

Reviews from:
Beach day, snorkeling, volleyball and lunch.
Meet fellow members

  • fun & friendly people. Great time!  -Gerry
  • What a great time had at beach day. We played volleyball, swam, paddle ball, and had some great fun meeting people. After a bunch us went down the street to Bostons for more fun and beer. Can't wait to do this again.   -John Demitri

  • This was my first meet me there event with this group. Everyone was really fun and made me feel right at home. Great group.   -Scott (Gold member) 

Reviews from:
Intro to Archery and lunch

  • I liked the experience. I like to try new things to see what activities I enjoy the most. I found this activity to get funner as you go along because you witness yourself getting better and better with each shot. In contrast, it's kinda tough to interact when focused on a target ;). But it's good to try things that are out of the box -Soraya
  • It's fun, can't wait for next event.  -ZZ

  • Had a great time. Well organized. Nice people.  -Kate Shahan

Reviews from
Scavenger Hunt Express (1 hour) Win $100 & $150

  • Great idea! Well done!


  • Yeaaaaaa! I had fun! and I won money! woo hoo - will post pics later. Thanks Adrian!!   -Abigail (VIP)

  • Had a blast ! Would do it again in a heartbeat!   -Christine (VIP)

Reviews from:
Comedy Night

  • Had a wonderful time with some great people! I would definately do it again!

    -Leon Wright (VIP)

  • I had a great time!


  • The group was great and had fun!   -Carol Ann (VIP)

  • Good group of people, had a great time!

    -Danielle (VIP)

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