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The Importance of South Florida Social Groups in Your Career

05 Apr 2018 2:36 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

You should never discount the importance of social group for your career. You could be a high-level web designer or a cosmetologist. Building connections increases your pay and opens more doors. Ideally, you should do this before you need it. It takes time to build a serious network of people. No matter what industry they’re in, there are a few things every networker needs to know.

       Your best connections won’t always be in the same field

       It’s okay to make connections that don’t seem promising at first

       Social Groups isn’t limited to planned events. It’s a natural part of life

       Social Groups doesn’t have to be stressful or limited to large meetings

       Career social is fun

Some people network in the office. They make connections with coworkers, bosses, and others. What if you work at home or spend most of your time working by yourself? Social Groups requires a more concerted effort. You have to be proactive and look for opportunities in everyday life. Professionals play games, go to dinner, and attend other functions that are open every day of the week. Especially as your career grows, you have less free time. You have family and friends to spend time with.

Why Spend Your Time in South Florida Social Groups?

With everything else going on in your life, there’s always an excuse to not move forward. There’s some reason not to join social groups, go back to school, or do other things. Above all else, every networker should know social groups are a wise investment of your time. Social Groups can help you get hired and build your career. 70% of workers hired in 2016 had a connection at the company they got hired at

       80% of professionals consider social groups an essential part of their success

       35% of professionals report casual conversations on LinkedIn led to new opportunities

       61% of professionals believe regular time with their social groups leads to other job opportunities

Who do successful professionals socialize with?

       Past or present coworkers

       Managers, supervisors, and employees or mentors

       Clients and customers

       Business associates from other companies you work with

       Personal acquaintances from church, school, and other parts of your social life

       Teachers or professors

This offers a rich pool of connections. It’s a matter of recognizing opportunities as they come along. The more people you talk to about business opportunities, the better your odds. It’s a numbers game. Even if you only network with 10% of the people you meet, that’s 10% that grows with you. The more people you talk to, the more connections you make. The more connections you make, the more companies you have a chance at.

Open More Doors in South Florida with Social Groups

Finding the right people is half the battle. All too often, professionals make basic mistakes in learning. They think of social as a chore. They assume they don’t know where to look and dismiss important people. It’s easy to recognize your boss or other industry experts as valuable connections. It’s much harder to see someone on your level or a little below as a valuable connection.

South Florida social groups eliminate one of these barriers. They make connecting with others easy and fun. They increase the number of people you connect with, thus improving your odds. If you attend events on the same days each week, you might notice the same people coming back. When you attend events, it doesn’t feel like work or effort. It feels like parties, sports, and other fun social events with friends. You’ll find the right people. Because of the way Meet Me There Events are run, you’ll be more open to connections you’d otherwise miss.

The enjoyable nature of our events keeps people coming back week after week. Instead of attending the same old boring meetings, you get involved in different events every day if you have time.

Even if you’re established in your career, the right connections open doors you’d never imagine. Social Groups as an established professional exposes you to more companies and positions. This increases your pay potential and makes you more recession-proof. No matter how the market goes, you create more demand for your services. To see the kinds of events we organize or sign up with Meet Me There Events, click here.

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