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Your First Business Networking Event? Capitalize on It!

13 Dec 2017 1:44 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

“To get a step up in the world, you could use a ladder, or you could use your connections. I prefer the latter.” – Jarod Kintz

How To Prepare

  • What is your goal? You need to build a network for you; your goal should be to meet as many people as you can. Keep a target of returning with at least three valuable connections that may help you later in your career. Stay focused.
  • Dress properly. Networking events are usually formal. You need to make sure you are professionally dressed to make a solid impression on everyone you meet. Dress comfortable and look confident.
  • Keep your business cards. How do you make people remember you? You make a killer impression, and then hand them your business card. Keep plenty of them; it is a shame to run out of business card in the midst of an event. Make sure you keep them handy. 

At The Event

  • Make proper introductions. Maintain eye-contact; and always smile while you shake hands with someone you meet at the event. Introduce yourself using both, your first and last name. Listen to the person’s name carefully, and use it during conversation too.
  • Listen, and then speak. Let your counterpart begin; listen to what they have to say. This will help you relax, and make them more interested in what you have to say once they have had their chance to speak.
  • Seem interested. Ask questions about work and professional life; like, what motivates them; how did they choose the industry they work in; what career choices they had to make to reach where they are today. These questions will make you look genuinely interested in the person rather than the opportunities he has to offer.
  • Keep it to the point. Keep your work particulars precise; you do not want to bore your company. Refrain from using industry specific jargon. You can’t build connections unless the other person understands what you’re saying. 
  • Always jot down the important details. It is impossible to remember everything you talk about with different people. Once in a while, find a nice corner and take the time to note down the noteworthy particulars of each meeting for later reference. Talk about mutual topics that you both can relate to.

What to Do After the Event

  • It is important to follow up. To keep your networking strong, send out personalized emails to each of your new contacts. Express gratitude for the meeting and mention something you discussed with them at the event.

That’s it for the fundamentals of capitalizing on your New York networking events. If you do not know where to build your network, join us and other professionals like yourself on fun and networking events organized by us. For more information, contact us TODAY

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