Social activities for         busy professionals

Studies have show that being part of a group improves our mental health Loneliness can increase the risk for heart disease,

stroke and even dementia. U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy spoke to NBC News on why it

has become an epidemic in America and his recommendations.



                          For fourteen years, Meet Me There Events has been bringing people together.                             

We rotate a variety of fun events and 

activities in all three S. Florida counties. Something for everyone. Join our group and be a part 

of something special. Read some of our member testimonials here

It's well established that people who feel socially isolated, or as though they don't belong, 

have worse mental health than those who feel socially connected. When we feel we truly belong 
to a group, we benefit from both the bonds we share with other group members, 
and how belonging to that group tells us something about who we are. Join today and start having more FUN!

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